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(version 0.003 pre-alpha)

    Current pre-alpha version requires:

  • Operating System - Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/7/Vista.
  • Hardware - RAM minimum 256Mb (best 1Gb+), CPU minimum 450Mhz, Display 1024x768
  • Telescopes: any Ascom compatible or for Meade and Clestron drivers you can use custom driver implementation.
  • Cameras: Canon EOS custom implementation for all other I use WIA interface. For video sources I use DirectShow.
  • Storage space: a minimum of 60Mb for the base installation - however in order to use some of the catalogs locally you need to make sure you have at least 2Gb.
  • Internet connection is optional but recommended in order to use some big catalogs like USNOB1.0 or Nomad or the most up to date versions of the catalogs as well as other features such as object details, weather data, etc.
  • GPS: optional - any NMEA0183 should work - however at the moment this functionality is disabled for further testing.

    Future versions will also:

  • Run on Linux/MacOSx
  • Use optimized graphics platform specific
  • Use GPU computation

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    Created by: Larry Lart