Unimap Interface - Toolbar

    The main toolbar has a collection of buttons in order to easy/speed up the user interaction:

  • Create a new group of images
  • Add images to a group
  • Save current image
  • Select current group
  • Select current image
  • Browse online images
  • Upload the entire group online
  • Upload current image online
  • Resolve Image - detect/match
  • Find object in the image
  • Measure astronomical distances in the image
  • Show equatorial sky grid
  • Show distortion grid
  • Zoom image in/out
  • Invert image colors
  • Add a new area to the image
  • Show thumbnails for all images in the group
  • Open instruments (telescope/camera) panels

    There is also a secondary toolbar which will show when the instruments module is activated with has the following configuration:

  • Camera selector and activation button
  • Focuser panel activation button
  • Three graphs selectors each coresponding to a view
  • Instruments options button

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